Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spiral dynamics and the future of humanity

What if a sudden nuclear war breaks out leaving only 1/12th of the world population alive?

That would not definitely take us to dark age. Though we might be without electricity and the means to improve life on this Earth. We wont be starting from scratch. We will be helped by more evolved beings or our own higher Self or that which we familiarly call as 'God'.

Our kids will learn to meditate and tap their inner nine senses right from kindergarten. Left and right brain will be used in equal proportion and the life as a single unit will be realised more effectively. It may not achieve its peak nontheless fall out from the collective improvement.

There will be a lot to learn and we'll have spiral dynamics after all! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Life is a vivid dream

It is almost like rising and understanding the mentality of a foreign bred teenager. Things start to appear differently. When I committed acts against nature : a most horrible and gruesome act ever imaginable in my life. I thank Osama Bin Laden and Jack the Ripper! I am sort of better than them. LOLZ. Though not rising to the heights of championing the causes of hopeless million suffering in this world, I struggle against my most animal and inanimate insticts. What lightened up my day? The casual tone of a shopkeeper(Milk shop)? May be her vibrations were very higher than me and I borrowed them to improve my system.

I don't feel any burden of mornings mischeives. The reason of my existence - all crumble down before the mountain of infinite possibilities to explore this world. Why waste time questioning the unknown(read it 'which can never be known')? You can always help a few thousands in your lifetime.

Some tit-bits:

1. Tuticorians are so damn sure about reincarnation that they risk their lives in roads. Not only theirs but mine too. I haven't finalised my position on it.

2. Can anyone become a philosopher so great as Socrates, Plato in this century? Well one can. But the works will be understood and appreciated only after the death. What an irony?

3. I am too passionate about movies. Can't resist good ones. I would have been associated with arts in my previous births!

4. Wanted to live a life which others only dream of. Not that luxurious sort of stuff but definitely a ulagam sutrum valiban. I do not want to be caught up in a mess of society and system. I wish I fell directly from heaven into the Earth.

5. How true that we exist in a state of nothingness! Its the truth hard to accept.

6. I know that I am selfish and so pleasure-seeking. But what should I do to become selfless. Observed the causes of suffering and misery in this worldly existence. What exactly waits after-life? Some real classical event which actually happens at the right time when I get into resonance and start the ascension process.

7. Very intersted in reading books. And even have secret desires to write books.

8. Everybody dreams like me, but few take the risk. Where can I buy courage? I read and understood too much of things intellectually that its bothering me now. Crazy indeed.

9. I wish to tread on the mountains of Himalayas learning the philosophies of all religions to reach the state of Nirvana while I tread upon this Earth.

10. Rather than discoursing information alone as a sage, I would like to plunge into action to help the suffering and poor souls.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thoughts can cage you

I have been told that thoughts have wings!
I doubt that : Others thoughts can cage your freedom.
The expectations and roles to be played in the society bind
you to an invisible yet compact realm.
You freedom of expression and individuality are lost for the
worst reasons.
Per se, if someone loses individuality, it implies his perception
of ONEness.
Rather a paradoxical situation occurs here, you lose your individuality
and your sense of seperation magnifies. Baffling to most minds.
You have lost individuality for the wrong reasons.
So the pill to liberation is surrender and escape the cage or
keep banging until you lose your mind to end up in a lunatic asylum.
The wise wish to be like the wind! Neither cage nor fence can limit them.
Katrukenna veli, Kadalukenna moodi!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I want to be at 4 till I die!

What on Earth does it mean? I want to be a child-hearted man(coined at 8:33pm 22nd July by Master Jai). That doesn't mean crawling the floor and chewing the thumb. The lovely curiosity of a 4-year old which always looks even the same old blue sky as the eighth wonder of the world.

Entirely free from the cobweb of rationalisms and skepticisms, yet living in this beautiful world. Some flee to forests and nature to attain enlightenment. I want to be enlightened in my office in front of my computer or on the way to my home in electric train. Little BIT difficult, what is impossible with man is possible with GOD!

What a mighty God we serve? How mighty is our inner most being? How awful have we made a mess of our own minds?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yours Lovingly, Father

Imagine this situation:

God appears before you and gives you two options.
Either of the options which you choose will come to reality in the next second.

1. You can transform yourself into an angel of light and settle in the celestial heavens forever.
2. You can ask what you want.

If you choose (1), definitely God will be happy to set you at his right hand in heavens. But still when you choose (2) and ask him the grace to bring back more of his lost sheep into HIS kingdom staying on this earth till you pass out, he will be more happier because you chose to carry out his will!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Matrix movie on a new light

Suddenly something falls into place:

Here Neo in the matrix world talks to the oracle - a computer generated program yet looking absolutely human concerning the future of the world. She makes an astounding statement by saying that he has already made the choice and time ticks away just to understand why he made that choice! What a punch line? LORD, any comments? How come you are going to make me understand this?

Funniest (s)crap on a youtube video

"Perhaps we could help demonstrate to the people of NK that we have peaceful intentions, while also demonstrating other options, by dropping, say, flowers with notes, from stealth aircraft, at night, undetected, over all their urban centers, on auspicious dates."

Some American i guess.. who else talks about stealth and peace?? ROTFL